20th Century History

The Rancher, a publication made by and for the neighborhood:

Roots of the Roslyn Country Club: Rushmore Farms

Moore Estate:
Site of 1932 Endorsement of Roosevelt by Women’s Organization for National Prohibition Reform
(Time Magazine: Monday, Jul. 18, 1932 Ladies at Roslyn)

Munsey Park Village History (where Levitt first bought land to build the Roslyn Country Club neighborhood)

The following are articles published about our neighborhood since its inception in 1949. If we forget the past, we will not learn from past experiences. It is fascinating to look back and see the history of the neighborhood.

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1949.10.08 – Levitt Assembles 400-Acre Site In Nassau County for 700 Homes
Plans Country Club Facilities for Buyers of Houses at $17,500 Up – Draper Estate, Formerly in Old Westbury, Part of Tract

1951.01.07 – Levittown Financing
Broker Closed 4,348 Loans of $33,429,850 During 1950

1956.06.09 – On Near-By Tennis CourtsRoslyn Rising Center

1960.01.15 – Levitt Loses Contest With Roslyn Owners Over Country Club  (Decision)

1960.01.16 – Ruling On Roslyn Club
Lawyer Says Appeal Decision Wasn’t Adverse to Levitt

1971.03.28 – Women Seeking New Life on Long Island

1983.06.26 – RCCCA Setting Up Own Blood Banks

1991.04.21 – A Levitt Community Marks 40 Years

1996.02.18 – Surveillance Cameras Monitor Comings and Goings in Roslyn [Country Club]

2000.03.05 – In Region/Long Island; New Houses in Nassau: Strong Market, Little Supply

2000.09.10 – Teenage Shoppers (Purses by Brinks)

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  1. I lived in RCC from 1949-1962 at 7 Clover Lane-would like to hear from others who were there at the same time and possibly have copies of THE RANCHER during that time frame

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