Clark Botanic Garden is the Former Estate of Greenville Clarke, World Peace Advocate

Grenville Clark, an international attorney who was active in world peace efforts and an advisor in governmental affairs, donated his estate to create Clark Botanic Gardens.

Clark was a drafter of the United Nations Charter, author of A Plan for Peace and co-author of the acclaimed World Peace Through World Law.

He was an advisor to four United States Presidents, founder of the Military Training Camp Association (1917) and leader of the Plattsburg movement, and author of the Selective Service Act of 1940.

Clark organized the two Dublin Peace Conferences, held at the Morse Farm in 1945 and 1965, out of which grew the United World Federalists.

Grenville Clark died in 1967.

Grenville Clark’s former home became Clark Botanical Gardens, which he donated to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden‘s upon his death:

Founded in 1969 and originally called the Fanny Dwight Clark Memorial Garden of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, the garden was gifted by Grenville Clark, in memory of his late wife Fanny Dwight Clark.

The Town of North Hempstead acquired the park in 1989 with a conservation easement, which legally obligated the Town to conduct the garden as a botanic garden, as distinguished from a park, and to fulfill its purpose of practicing horticulture and horticultural education. Clark Botanic Garden is now part of the Town’s parks system.

The history… goes back to 1966, when the Grenville Clark donated 12 acres and his family’s home on I.U. Willets Road in Albertson, New York, to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in memory of his late wife Fanny Dwight Clark. The purpose of the gift was to create a small community garden, a suburban outpost of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, to preserve the property in perpetuity.