Roslyn Country Club Site of Major Women’s Groups Endorsement of Roosevelt for His Support for Ending Prohibition in 1932

“With pressure from the [Women’s Organization for National Prohibition Reform], the Democratic Party pledged in June of 1932 to repeal the Eighteenth Amendment, and earned [Pauline] Sabin’s endorsement of Franklin Roosevelt for president.

The WONPR’s executive committee announced their support for Roosevelt from the porch of Jean and Edward Small Moore’s mansion [now known as The Royalton] in Roslyn Heights, New York, on July 7. Eleven days later Sabin made the cover of Time magazine as the leader of a rapidly growing organization. By the end of 1932 it counted more than a million members and would reach 1.3 million the following April.

The November 1932 election was a landslide for Roosevelt and Democrats in Congress, and the WONPR had demonstrated the political power of American women.”


Time magazine July 18, 1932

“A string of smart motors swished up the driveway to Mrs. Edward Small Moore’s shingled, rambling country home in Roslyn, L. I. one sunny morning last week. Out of the shining automobiles stepped 70 ladies clad brightly, tastefully, expensively. Reckoned by money and prestige, they were the cream of the nation’s womanhood, gathered from Maine to Oregon. Inside the Moore house they sat on Early American chairs and ate a chatty meal. Then the ladies repaired to a long drawing room full of roses and tulips. At this point the gathering lost all resemblance to a conventional Long Island luncheon. No bridge tables had been set up, no backgammon boards unfolded. The ladies were there for serious business. Leaders and representatives of a million other women, they had come to talk and act about liquor in the U. S.”
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