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Covenants and Restrictions, 1949

via Steve Krakauer in The Wheatley School Alumni Association Newsletter #130



DECLARATION made this eighth day of July, 1949 by GARDEN COMMUNITY CORP. of 3230 Northern Boulevard, Manhasset, New York, hereinafter called the “Company.”

WHEREAS, the Company is the owner of certain land ….. known as “Roslyn Country Club,” filed on July 5, 1949, in the Office of the County Clerk of Nassau County, and “Amended Subdivision Map, Section B of Property known as ‘Roslyn Country Club’, filed on July 5,1949,” and

WHEREAS, it was and is the Company’s intention that the aforesaid land shall be developed as a planned suburban community of one-family houses; and

WHEREAS, it is the intention of the Company to cancel and nullify the aforesaid Declaration and to make in lieu thereof a new Declaration of covenants, restrictions and conditions affecting the aforesaid land; and

NOW THEREFORE the Company declares that the aforesaid land is held and shall be conveyed by it subject to the following covenants, restrictions and conditions, which shall run with the land until January 1, 1974.

FIRST: Only one-family houses with garages shall be erected. No house shall be used for any purposes except as a private dwelling for one family or as a professional office of a physician or dentist resident therein. No business of any kind shall be conducted on any premises. No motor vehicles other than of private passenger design shall be store in any garage.

SECOND: No building or structure shall be erected, nor shall any alterations or additions to the exterior of any house or garage be made, nor shall the exterior of any house or garage be repainted other than in the colors originally used at the time of construction, unless appropriate plans, specifications and or colors are first approved in writing by the Company.

THIRD: All fences, whether fabricated or growing, are prohibited.

FOURTH: No poultry, horses, cattle, hogs or other animals, except household pets not exceeding two in number, may be kept.

FIFTH: All laundry poles and lines outside of houses are prohibited except that one portable revolving dryer, not more than seven feet high, may be used in the rear yard of each house on days other than Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays; and such dryer shall be removed from the outside when not in actual use.

SIXTH: Garbage and rubbish shall be kept in a closed underground metal receptacle located not more than one foot from the exterior of the house, except when placed outside before removal in accordance with the regulations of the collecting district or agency.

SEVENTH: Lawns shall be cut and tall growing weeds removed at least once a week between April fifteenth and November fifteenth in each year. Upon the owner’s failure to comply with this requirement the Company may do so and charge the owner for the expense thereof, which shall be payable upon demand.

EIGHTH: No signs whatsoever shall be placed upon any premises, except for a family or professional name plate whose size, style and location are first approved in writing by the Company.

NINTH: No building or structure shall be erected upon the westerly 15 feet of lots, the said 15 feet being restricted to planting and landscaping uses only.

TENTH: Easements as shown on the aforesaid maps are reserved for utility installation and maintenance.

ELEVENTH: The Company shall have the right to add to, alter, modify or annul any of the covenants, restrictions and conditions of the Declaration.”

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