Should we do it again? A Roslyn Country Club Civilian Surveillance Network?

Security has always been at the heart of Roslyn Country Club. From the earliest days, the community came together to fund safety and health initiatives (1949, Newsday). The neighborhood used to have private security (neighbors and then for-hire) patrolling the neighborhood.

There was also an internet surveillance system with private security cameras, tho there is mixed recollections of how that system was implemented. Webcams in the mid-90s were of a different caliber than they are today.

Today, we could create a similar system far more simply, without the high cost of maintenance, with each of us connecting a camera on our own property to our own centralized system. All who join could have access to all the cameras to monitor our neighborhood. It would be a voluntary system to enter, with probably a low monthly fee, but to enter, one would obviously need to be a resident of the neighborhood, and have a camera on their property facing the street that is part of the network.

The six red stars are all the points of entry for the whole neighborhood.
The 16 orange stars are the points of entry for each section.

WE could do it… again.

3 thoughts on “Should we do it again? A Roslyn Country Club Civilian Surveillance Network?”

  1. While it should be needless to say, crime in Nassau County, let alone, Roslyn Country Club, remains at or near historic lows. It’s always good to be prepared to have some common sense safety measures in place, but that should not obscure the reality, by some out there ranting about issues to conceal the simple truths. Some interests push fear, as the fearful person is looking for comfort, which is ripe for political gain.

    Yes, in the past year, we’ve seen an increase in some crime statistics, which is to be expected. The year prior, everyone was basically home all the time. The uptick in some crime measures is at most comparable to the mid-2010s, but most are comparable to 2019.

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