Civic Association Revival Meeting, January 26

The Civic Association appears to be trying to resurrect itself. There is a meeting scheduled for January 26 @ 7pm at our firehouse in Albertson. It’s very walkable with clear sidewalks; a nice walk, depending on the weather. About 2500 or so steps. GrillMark and Vincent’s are just a bit further; both should be open at the conclusion of the meeting.

The announcement says: “You will help elect leaders & join subcommittees during the meeting.” along with hearing proposals for new Copstat-type security patrol cars.

AGENDA: Revival of the Civic Association, Mobile Security Patrol and Community Safety.

GUESTS: Nassau County Commissioner of Police Patrick J. Ryder and 3rd Precinct Inspectors

Reminder: Roslyn Country Club houses are already paying the vast majority of county taxes to the police, contrary to several of our neighboring communities that have their own village police forces.

“OR ARE THEY!” Early Squabbles from the Civic Association, January 1952

“The Civic Association seems to have become the Uncivil Association. It would seem that the organization was dedicated to dividing the community, to fomenting unrest continually, to a setting of neighbor against neighbor.”

Community organizations are always a challenge. Everyone comes to them with different backgrounds, ideals, hopes, fears, and financial situations. How we come together and find the best for all is where the challenge always remains.

In 1952, the Civic Association was going on its third year. Each January, by the bylaws, new elections are to be held for new officers. This issue discusses the past years success, and the nominations for those for the new term.

There is a heated discussion between Bert Lange, who is nominated for positions in the new election, and Carl Lundquist, who was on the board of the Civic Association and active in The Rancher. Bert’s letter starts on Page 2, and continues on Page 18, followed by Carl’s response.

There is much else that is well worth reading in this issue, especially as rumors of a resurrected Civic Association are being discussed. Roslyn Country Club remains a diverse neighborhood, with many families of different backgrounds, ideals, hopes, fears, and financial situations. How we come together and find the best path forward is where the challenge still remains.