Assemble again for Our Neighborhood

The next full moon shall rise on September 10 at around 7:45pm.

Weather permitting, let us convene again at the corner of Saddle and Club to discuss the neighborhood and finding paths forward to reopen our Roslyn Country Club.

Last full moon, we had a gathering, that was perhaps not announced with clear and proper notice. Sorry!

This time, it is now announced that WE will convene on September 10 at 7pm. All in the neighborhood are welcome.

WE all shall have the opportunity to share our thoughts. If possible, we shall forge consensus on a path forward for those in union.

I again encourage all to walk. The neighborhood is quite beautiful when not driving or staring at these screens.

Why did Jon Kaiman abandon us? (Update: Welcome Back, Kaiman)

UPDATE 8/21/2022: Comment from Jon Kaiman Sunday evening regarding the Roslyn Country Club , while he was canvassing in the neighborhood:

Until September of 2013, Jon Kaiman was leading the efforts to turn the Roslyn Country Club into a town park. Then, abruptly, he resigned to supposedly take a position with the state that needed his full time attention immediately!

Nearly 10 years later, after years of having a limited public profile, he’s running for the Democratic Party’s nomination for Congress. I reached out to his campaign to get a comment from him regarding the Roslyn Country Club, but no one responded.

Maybe he would use his power in Congress to turn the property into a park. It does have immense historic value. Or maybe, he will just abandon his congressional seat if something more appealing comes around. We simply do not know.

Below are a list of relevant articles from Jon Kaiman’s efforts for the Roslyn Country Club, but first, his washing his hands clean of it:

Video of Jon Kaiman explaining a path forward for RCC in 2011:


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