Time keeps creeping, through the neighborhood…

I apologize to the community for not updating this website in several months. The Roslyn Country Club Facebook Page has been kept more up-to-date, so be sure to “Like” it to stay informed of the Roslyn Country Club happenings, even when this website appears dormant.

This post is just a brief update of what has occurred since the last post on this website.

Since the town approved the purchase of the Roslyn Country Club in June – to make it a Town Park – and approved a bond to rebuild the country club, the surrounding civic associations have protested, gathering more than enough petitions to force the issue to be voted on in November. The petition was/(is?) being challenged in court by some active RCCCA members. The town has apparently backtracked on the challenged – already approved by the town board – proposal, knowing it will not pass in a referendum, to now proposing to create a Park District, which was announced this past week.

“… just some water, getting hotter, in the flames…”