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Life During and After the Roslyn Country Club

by Nancy Wechselblatt Hirsch, from the Wheatley Alumni Newsletter

In a recent alumni newsletter mention was made of the now defunct Roslyn Country Club. Several years ago I went to visit it and was so disappointed to see the neglect of the pool and tennis courts, although the mansion itself is still a catering venue. I heard talk of it possibly being turned into a park but that never happened.  I have such fond memories of ‘The Club,’ as it was a neighborhood hangout. It was a great facility to have if one did not go to camp. Even on rainy summer days it was a place to see people, chat and play shuffleboard or ping pong. In winter we played in the woods and went sledding. The best part was that I worked there as a lifeguard for several summers. Some other Wheatley alumni worked there as well, including Billy Rutenberg (1964), my sister Susan Wechselblatt Firsenbaum (1965), Neil Penkower (1966), and Shep Messing (1967).

2 thoughts on “Life During and After the Roslyn Country Club”

  1. I’ve tried to get some action on reopening the club. I even went to a meeting a year or so ago organized by Rita Stein to look into getting it open again. We still have rights to use it in our deeds. It is a great resource for adults and children. Not only that but reopening will definitely increase the value of our houses. Who is interested.

    The excuse the N Hempstead reps gave for not making it into a park district was the RCC people would not be willing to pay $1000 a year more in taxes if it became a special park district. That would be a bargain. Try to join a club for that!

    Lets try to make it happen befor another local generation grows up without it!

    1. Hi Jerry! If you have Rita’s contact information, would be interested to hear what she and the rest of the group came up with.

      We have some plans in the works, but in the very early stages.

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