Children at Play in the Streets for Halloween Party!

On October 30, 2022, a leaderless collective of parents came together to put on an amazing free event for the neighborhood! From getting local business to sponsor food, using past profits from the Summer Block Party on Dogleg to cover some expenses, to working to coordinate, spreading the word, decorating trunks, finding power for the sound system, they were able to bring back a bit of life to the often silence of the Shepherd Lane Park!

Small groups of people can do great things when their cause is clear and all are working towards the same ends. Collectives are an amazing organizing strategy to achieve real results. Congrats to all worked to achieve such a successful event! Inspiring!

Thank you Laura, Shervin, Munesh, and Kanika for the pictures and videos!

If you have more pictures or instagram posts you’d like added, or want to add info on who is in each picture, please post in the comments!

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