Assemble for Our Neighborhood

8/11/22 UPDATE 2: Thanks for those who came out, and especially the neighbor who stopped to chat. Be sure the check out the Sturgeon Moon and the Perseids meteor shower, visible now!

there’s the moon…

8/11/22 UPDATE 1: 8.11.22 @ ~8pm / south west corner of Club and Saddle. Let’s chat.

As the next full moon rises in four weeks time, weather permitting, we shall convene a gathering of anyone in the neighborhood that is interested in discussing ways to unite our community and reestablish the Roslyn Country Club.

It will be in the center of the neighborhood, where we shall be able to properly socially distance in a safe environment.

WE all shall have the ability to share our thoughts. If possible, we shall forge consensus on a path forward for those in union.

I encourage all to walk. The neighborhood is beautiful when not driving or staring at these screens.

Specific coordinates to be announced as the date approaches.