North Hempstead Town Council Meeting on RCC Tonight, July 12

via the Roslyn Country Club Civic Association

Please make every effort to attend the Town Council meeting regarding Roslyn Country Club at Town Hall TODAY, Tuesday, July 12. Arrive NO LATER than 7 to get seats.

Why Attend? Mr. Malekan’s representatives threatened to bring so many opponents to creation of a Town Park at Roslyn Country Club that they would not fit into Town Hall. As many of you know, a few opponents have been working hard, through deceptive flyers and publication, to do just that. We need to take this threat at face value — and appear in large numbers to support the Town’s plan.

Why Support a Town-Operated Club? It seems almost childishly simple. A Town takeover will result in a reopened and vastly improved RCC with no increased taxes needed to pay the costs. To the extent our easement rights are taken as well, we are entitled to compensation. Our community and its infrastructure were built to surround a vibrant and functioning facility. Make it reality once again!

There Are Lies Out There! Some people are opposing this Town initiative because they say it will raise taxes. This is simply not true. Town officials were crystal clear at the meeting in May and again in written form two weeks ago. They said: NONE OF THE COSTS OF OPERATING THIS FACILITY WILL COME FROM TAXES! The Town’s information is based on the advice their experts, who earn a living by accurately understanding what it takes to operate a complex park system. Ask the next cynic you hear why they think they know better!

Town Hall is located at:
220 Plandome Road
Manhasset, NY 11030