Why did Jon Kaiman abandon us? (Update: Welcome Back, Kaiman)

UPDATE 8/21/2022: Comment from Jon Kaiman Sunday evening regarding the Roslyn Country Club , while he was canvassing in the neighborhood:


Until September of 2013, Jon Kaiman was leading the efforts to turn the Roslyn Country Club into a town park. Then, abruptly, he resigned to supposedly take a position with the state that needed his full time attention immediately!

Nearly 10 years later, after years of having a limited public profile, he’s running for the Democratic Party’s nomination for Congress. I reached out to his campaign to get a comment from him regarding the Roslyn Country Club, but no one responded.

Maybe he would use his power in Congress to turn the property into a park. It does have immense historic value. Or maybe, he will just abandon his congressional seat if something more appealing comes around. We simply do not know.

Below are a list of relevant articles from Jon Kaiman’s efforts for the Roslyn Country Club, but first, his washing his hands clean of it:

Video of Jon Kaiman explaining a path forward for RCC in 2011:


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