Our Connected Neighborhood

Nextdoor, a new, free Social App, looks to be able to provide our neighborhood with a new level of openness and connectivity. It is a private social network, that allows anyone who is a verified resident of the neighborhood to post messages and reach out to neighbors. Have an extra TV you want to get rid of? Need a babysitter? Who is better to trust than a neighbor? Join in today!

Join in today!

One thought on “Our Connected Neighborhood”

  1. My name is Marie Hausner, Village Clerk at the Village of East Williston. I am leaving a message on behalf of Mayor Tanner and the Board of Trustees to inquire about security measures undertaken by the Roslyn County Club. We are considering various options due to an increase in break-ins in 2016 within our Village. If someone could call or email back, it would be greatly appreciated. The Village telephone number is 516-746-0782, option 3.

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