Pictures from the Roslyn Country Club – July 3, 2010

These are some pictures taken on July 3. In years past, this would have been a crowded weekend for our Roslyn Country Club, yet this year, it is a deserted wasteland of memories past… but apparently the Royalton was jumping on July 4.

No lifeguard on Duty

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No lifeguard on Duty - A sad reminder of what once was...

12 thoughts on “Pictures from the Roslyn Country Club – July 3, 2010”

    1. sad. I have pictures of it when it was filled with people and full of fun.
      what a waste of a great place for the kids to get together in and have fun. summer will never be the same

  1. My childhood memories of labor day races on labor day, which is today, are saddened to see that the pool is like a grave yard. I reme
    Bet that RCC was. Community! What is it now? I am at a loss for words.

  2. So sad. Spending time at RCC was the best part of the summer. Going through the gate and smelling the chlorine from the pool. Too bad…..

  3. It breaks my heart….I spent my whole childhood there….then again people just have no community values anymore….too much ego-centricism….

  4. The Roslyn Country Club a vaste wasteland! I am not surprised.
    When the neighborhod has homes being torn down for 700-800K and rebuilt with multimillion dollar homes, what value does a swim and tennis court hold to people that have no appreciation of what it once meant.
    The Rsolyn Civic Association with thier dances, Splash Parties one Summer evening a year.
    The great joy come Memorial Day weekend when the Pool opened.
    Mr Hermanson who would always say hello and let you in when you lost your c ard.
    Sam and the snack stand.
    The entire neighborhood seemed to walk through those gates!
    Foreign Ownership did not help and the neighborhood changed from the Greatest generation to many new owners who came to this country without having lived in the tenements of Brooklyn or the Bronx.
    What I wouldn’t give to look down at the far corner of the pool and see the Canasta Ladies playing games all afternoon.
    Or maybe, a cry of Homburger or Shrimp Roll on a hot Summer day!
    Better to have been part of it than to never know the simple beauty of the RCC!

  5. I too grew up here, and still do. The same of all these newbies is they haven’t a clue of what this community really was back in the day. How the Club unified this neighborhood and gave us all a place to create wonderful memories.
    There is no longer that spirit here. Neighbors don’t even pay their membership dues. Provide funds for security patrol so our homes and families are safe. People here certainly can afford those million plus homes but neglect responibilty for the community as a whole.

  6. I was talking to my wife about Roslyn Country Club and found you online. My parents were members from 1953 – 1961. I learned how to swim there and my older brother celebrated (I don’t know if he’d use that term:) his bar mitzvah there. I so sorry to see it in ruins. We all had so many fun times there and I hope that it can be brought back to life. Thank you for posting the pictures. Best wishes to all.
    Paul Jacobs

  7. I went to the club today to the old sad The boxball wall is gone. Weeds and TREES are going through the bottom of the pool

    I spent the latter part of the 60’s with such great kids, as part of the RCC Swim Team
    Sam putting a hamburger and fries “on the wall” until paid back. Barry and Stewie, The Lipsky brothers, The Masterpolos, The Geirers, My twin Jeff G, the first real girl friend. Bob S, our coach, George and John the lifeguards..wayy to many to remember

    It was nothing for me to spend opening till closing 7 days a week at the club Frisbee football (before it was popular) Swim Meets Henry Hermanson giving dollars to the winners of swim contests Ahh good times

    My sister was married at the club and now it’s a pit Better it should be 10 more multi million dollar homes NOT

    But I can agree with some of the comments. The residents of the CC are so full of themselves..Dues shold be kept at the 50’s level..BUT make sure the owners pays thousands more than the dues (if even paid) bring in.

  8. I remember Sam & Ray, the shuffle board courts behind the locker rooms, the ping pong table in between the 2 locker rooms, the gate, the high diving board, the 14 feet, the guard room, Radical Stewy, the green tennis shack and the tennis signup board with the green wax pencils

  9. I am so pleased to let you all know that we are rebuilding our RCC, which will reopen as a park district in Summer 2013. Many thank to the wonderful RCC board who worked tirelessly to make this historical site a reality for our community.

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