The Sun Also Rises

I remember being young swimming and playing at the Roslyn Country Club. I learned to play tennis there. I learned to swim there. I learned to overcome some fears – the high diving board comes to mind. I met new peers. I had a place to go after playing videogames or watching TV for too many summer hours. I played ping-pong, basketball, bocce and wall ball.

As I grew older, the club degraded. It seemed as though many people no longer saw the club as a place to come and relax. The sense of community seemed to be taking a back seat. I wondered why the community didn’t convene there anymore. Didn’t anyone else want to see their neighbors and have some sense of community?

Understandably, managing a country club is not an easy under taking. It takes a great deal of time and effort, and ultimately, money remains the deciding factor, so with minimal potential for profit, what motivates someone to do it? A sense of community and a desire to have the best suburban neighborhood!

It is 2010. For the past many years, I have been hearing about community groups engaging in legal action with the current owner. It would have been nice if this course of action showed some results, but from my perspective, and I am sure from yours as well, I see fancy parties several times a week at the so-called “Royalton at the Roslyn Country Club”, yet we, the community, cannot use the tennis courts or the pool. Time seems to just keep on slipping by while weather continues to degrade our facilities (click for pictures).

It is my hope that we will all come together for a common purpose, to create the suburban neighborhood that once was.

When we come together, I am confident that we will be able to be strong if you are singing along and know that you really believe and have hope that we can overcome some problems that others have failed in the past to overcome.

At this point, all I ask is that you follow our twitter feed @RoslynCC (if you don’t use twitter, you can just follow this website).

In the coming days and weeks, we will communicate meeting times and locations to get to know one another and begin our efforts. It is imperative that we discuss the situation and outline the plan for a course of action that will get our country club to its prior glory as a unifying oasis for our community. Anyone with time or skills that can help in this pursuit and has time to devote, please contact us. Your help will be greatly appreciated!

It is imperative that we discuss the situation and outline the plan for a course of action that will get our country club to its prior glory as a unifying oasis for our community. Anyone with skills that can help in this pursuit, and has time to devote, please contact us, Your help will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for taking the time to read about our current situation. You can familiarize yourself with some background reading on the past decade’s news from the country club at “The Recent History” page.

Let’s make this a great summer!

the one thing I can tell you is we got to be free. come together, right now, for our country club and community.

4 thoughts on “The Sun Also Rises”

  1. Remember diving for coins during the 4th of July parties? And the swimming races? And the wall ball, tennis, and bridge games? How bout “Rock the Pool” …That was fun.
    I do not think the new neighbors have any idea what they are missing.

  2. I wish my children could swim in their own town pool but because that is not possible we go to Williston Park Pool . It is great to be allowed to join a pool but the price is nearly triple the resident cost and we as homeowners in Roslyn Heights are not considered an adjoining town.

  3. Wendy – I disagree. I hear from many friends in the neighborhood that we wish we had the club as a place to meet friends and socialize with our children. Lots of RCC residents join other pool clubs because they have to and would come to RCC (and pay a market price) in a heartbeat if it were revamped and brought up to appropriate standards.

  4. I have so many great memories of the Roslyn Country Club. I graduated in 1987…so it’s been awhile. ….but,
    My neighborhood friends and I rode our bicycles to the pool every day in the summer. We babysat, learned to swim with Barry (remember Barry??), ate at the snack bar, took tennis lessons. Hung out. I have pictures of us sitting on those floral padded lounge tops. I remember after we swam we tried to dry our bangs with the hand dryers in the bathroom. 🙂
    We loved summers there and we bonded. I miss it. I didn’t know it has been closed for so many years. How sad!

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