Roslyn Country Club Civic Association Public Meeting at The Wheatley School on October 19

The Roslyn Country Club Civic Association will be holding a meeting on October 19, 2010 @ 7:30 pm at The Wheatley School Auditorium to update the residents on progress made with the Town of North Hempstead in taking steps to reopen our country club. The options going forward appear to be the creation of a Park District or a Town Park – the pros and cons of each will likely be addressed at the meeting.
See you there!

The Rancher, 1955: The Public Be Damned!

An Editorial: The Public Be Damned!

No one in this community denies the principle of Free Enterprise. Many Country Clubbers are successful businessmen who recognize the necessity of a fair return on an investment. But these men also know there is a big difference between a fair profit and gouging. They know that continued profits depend on customer goodwill, and that the policy of charging “whatever the traffic will bear” is not the American way of doing business today.
Those responsible for running the Country Club have seen fit to foist upon an unprotected public an increase of 33 1/3% in Country Club dues – an increase that is as outrageous as it is unnecessary. This is not a matter against Free Enterprise, since free enterprise does not exist in this case. The pool and tennis courts are a virtual monopoly; the choice is, take it or leave it. There is no competition in the usual sense, for these facilities have become part and parcel of our way of living. This is the “Country Club” we counted on enjoying when we bought our houses. It was offered to us by Levitt as one of the most attractive features of the community. How can the law of “supply and demand” be expected to apply in such a situation?
A great deal of resentment has developed in this community as a result of the unconscionable action on the part of these “business men”.
Resentment against the unnecessarily high boost of 33 1/3%.
Resentment against the insultingly offhand manner in which notice of the increase was made public (as a footnote to the Thanksgiving dinner menu!)
Resentment against their failure to give commensurate value in return for the increase.
Resentment against their refusal to reduce the number of members in the same proportion as the increase in rates
(Their offer: to lower the present 680 quota to 650).
Resentment against their failure to provide sufficient parking facilities to accommodate the big crowds.
Resentment against their arbitrary attitude and callous indifference toward members of our community.
Resentment of the possibility that the commercialized activities of the Club could affect the value of the entire community, by virtue of its almost unrestricted zoning privileges.
The management of the club would be guilty of even greater error if, in addition to their “Public Be Damned” attitude they adopted the smug feeling that “nothing could be done about it”. Stronger forces than they have been brought to bar by an outraged public. No one can safely ignore the anger of an aroused people, and this community, almost to a man, feels that it has been abused by the Country Club’s present management. Our demand is for fair treatment, not gouging; adequate return for our membership dues, not “whatever the traic will bear”; consideration for our comforts, not a “Public Be Damned” attitude.
Residents of the Country Club can rest assured that the RCC Civic Association will do everything within its power to protect their interests and does not intend to take this matter lying down.

The Pebble Lane Block Party (In the Roslyn Country Club Community) by Judy Orshan

The Block Party was a big success,
And as each one gave his home address,
Each neighbor placed a name tag on,
And was quickly greeted – shyness gone.

Out from houses came young and younger,
Mothers, fathers, sisters, brother,
And Grandpartens residing here 60 years,
When all were friendly and knew their peers.

The food came forth and drinks and such
But the conversations meant so much,
About Roslyn Country Club – Could it be saved?
Could it be reopened? That is what all craved.

Talk of the pool in its former glory,
Old-timers supplying much of the story,
We felt the party had met a need,
Common interests were strong indeed.

Can it be done? Can we resume the fun?
Of a day on the courts or a swim in the pool?
And the law courts have favored us in their rule,

And bring back the day where each kid could play
With racket in hand on the RCC land.

The courts have ruled we should get the club back,
But somehow or other – we don’t have the knack.
Levitt had a purpose – a thorough plan,
Let’s unite the community – Yes! We Can!

Written and read by Judy Orshan

The Kettles of Our Roslyn Country Club Neighborhood

Restoring a sense of community in our modern suburban neighborhood is vitally needed to ensure the sustainability of the Levitt sprawl created over six decades ago. Though we find companionship with computers and television, family and friends, the neighborhood where one lives, throughout mankind’s history, has always been one of our species most important relationships. Walls that divide us have been constructed in our recent history. These walls cannot remain so high.

Much of a sense of community has been lost on Long Island, especially in our neighborhood, the Roslyn Country Club. We have had a very odd decade, with great upheaval in this upper-middle class neighborhood. Since its construction in the late 40s, until 2007, the Roslyn Country Club has remained open to the residents during the summer as a place to gather, play tennis and swim at a reasonable cost. It was an initial perk to attract new residents, and throughout the community’s history, has been a draw for families with children. Labor Day 2010 had no community party, tennis tournament or swimming races, though the Royalton likely had several events that holiday weekend. There is no Country Club for us anymore.

For our August 29 Block Party, a few interested and motivated residents of Pebble Lane got together to organize an event to help unite our suburban neighborhood. We had some food, some drinks, some snacks, some games, an Albertson firetruck was able to come by for a few hours, music played from classic records, and a sense of community that has not been experienced for many years was rekindled for a brief period that Sunday afternoon. You can go to to view a video and pictures from the event.

The Block Party has shown the need and benefit for a community gathering place. It is surprising how many neighbors that live so close to each other never met until this event. Kids were able to make new friends, adults of different generations were able to mingle, and the youth was able to learn some history from the elderly.

Roslyn Country Club has much history and it should not be wiped out by the misguided pursuit for profit and personal agenda’s of a few. The neighborhood needs to be restored to the prior glory of the early 50s. In the isolated world of the 21st Century, the least we can do is make our neighborhood a more welcoming, united place that can inspire the best in us.

As our efforts go forward, we are looking for old pictures of the Country Club and neighborhood for our website, any classic “Ranchers” newspapers and interested and motivated residents to get involved. You can email me,, call us, 516-234-5236 or check the website,

We have to be willing to come together to work for the restoration and reopening of the Roslyn Country Club, restoring it to its glory of many decades ago, for the neighborhood.

We have no expectation this will be easy. It will take time as time keeps creeping through the neighborhood. It will not be solved in a court room or through an annual community meeting. It will only be solved when you and a few of your interested and motivated neighbors come together for our suburban neighborhood. Why can’t we succeed?

In Our Pursuit of Unity…

We are planning big things for the month of August.

Keep checking back in the coming weeks for updates on how you can get involved to help change our suburban neighborhood into what was envisioned when it was created all those many decades ago.

We can be stronger than bombs, if you’re singing along and know that you really believe.

Feel free to email me, ben – at – roslyncountryclub – dot – org, if you have ideas you would like to share, old pictures of our neighborhood, interested in becoming more involved in these efforts, or just want to say “Hi”.

Thanks. Have a great August!


The Sun Also Rises

I remember being young swimming and playing at the Roslyn Country Club. I learned to play tennis there. I learned to swim there. I learned to overcome some fears – the high diving board comes to mind. I met new peers. I had a place to go after playing videogames or watching TV for too many summer hours. I played ping-pong, basketball, bocce and wall ball.

As I grew older, the club degraded. It seemed as though many people no longer saw the club as a place to come and relax. The sense of community seemed to be taking a back seat. I wondered why the community didn’t convene there anymore. Didn’t anyone else want to see their neighbors and have some sense of community?

Understandably, managing a country club is not an easy under taking. It takes a great deal of time and effort, and ultimately, money remains the deciding factor, so with minimal potential for profit, what motivates someone to do it? A sense of community and a desire to have the best suburban neighborhood!

It is 2010. For the past many years, I have been hearing about community groups engaging in legal action with the current owner. It would have been nice if this course of action showed some results, but from my perspective, and I am sure from yours as well, I see fancy parties several times a week at the so-called “Royalton at the Roslyn Country Club”, yet we, the community, cannot use the tennis courts or the pool. Time seems to just keep on slipping by while weather continues to degrade our facilities (click for pictures).

It is my hope that we will all come together for a common purpose, to create the suburban neighborhood that once was.

When we come together, I am confident that we will be able to be strong if you are singing along and know that you really believe and have hope that we can overcome some problems that others have failed in the past to overcome.

At this point, all I ask is that you follow our twitter feed @RoslynCC (if you don’t use twitter, you can just follow this website).

In the coming days and weeks, we will communicate meeting times and locations to get to know one another and begin our efforts. It is imperative that we discuss the situation and outline the plan for a course of action that will get our country club to its prior glory as a unifying oasis for our community. Anyone with time or skills that can help in this pursuit and has time to devote, please contact us. Your help will be greatly appreciated!

It is imperative that we discuss the situation and outline the plan for a course of action that will get our country club to its prior glory as a unifying oasis for our community. Anyone with skills that can help in this pursuit, and has time to devote, please contact us, Your help will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for taking the time to read about our current situation. You can familiarize yourself with some background reading on the past decade’s news from the country club at “The Recent History” page.

Let’s make this a great summer!

the one thing I can tell you is we got to be free. come together, right now, for our country club and community.