Manochehr Malekan: “If they want it, it is in their hands.”

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The Town of North Hempstead’s agreement to purchase the Roslyn Country Club to create a special park district is being threatened by an ongoing legal disputes between the property’s owner and residents of the Roslyn Heights development.
With a March 19 deadline to close the deal, the residents have yet to drop several hundred lawsuits against Corona Realty Holdings, the owner of the Roslyn Country, as required under terms the town’s agreement to purchase the 7.2 acre-site for $2 million,
“The buyer doesn’t have to buy and the seller doesn’t have to sell if the lawsuits haven’t been dismissed by March 19,” said Todd Zarin, president of the Roslyn Country Club Civic Association.
Corona Realty owner Manochehr Malekan said he not concerned about the March 19 deadline.
“We are not playing by the deadline. I could always extend it if I know we’re moving in the right direction,” Malekan said Tuesday. “I have signed an agreement over a year ago with the town. If they want it, it is in their hands.”

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One thought on “Manochehr Malekan: “If they want it, it is in their hands.””

  1. When is the community going to be told the truth? . Everyone has an agenda.
    What specifically and truthfully is in the “signed contract” that is preventing it from going forward.
    How much is it going to cost each resident- not just the amount to repay the bond. Dont’ we also have to pay maintenance and operations too?
    And finally, even if the community pays for everything hasn’t the town already stated it is going to run townwide programs like basketball, for the whole town?
    Where is everyone going to park?

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