With Summer on the Horizon, RCCCA Retains New Legal Representation

After a failed, last minute attempt at the end of last summer and a series of previous blunders, the Roslyn Country Club Civic Association is showing some life. An email sent today, April 13, says that over 200 families have signed up for a new round of litigation against the current owner, Mr. Malekan, in hopes of reopening the Roslyn Country Club.

The RCCCA seem very optimistic this time around. I suppose we shall see if doing things in the same fashion will have different results. I wish them the best of luck in their pursuits.

If you are interested in joining, it isn’t too late. From the email:

How can you join us? Please print the retainer found on our web site, www.rccca.com and return it, together with a check for $300 payable to Blodnick, Conroy, Fazio, and Diglio to Heather Schwartz at 12 Knoll Lane.

Their website is actually www.rccca.org

They also encourage you to contact our town representatives and express your desire for them to make the Roslyn Country Club a town-operated pool and tennis facility. More information and contact information is available here.

3 thoughts on “With Summer on the Horizon, RCCCA Retains New Legal Representation”

  1. According to the Secretary of State: there is no Roslyn Country Club Civic Association, Inc, or RCCA. Inc or any variation thereof. Nor was there ever such an entity.

    Also tne new layers have withdrawn from representing the non-existent organization advising the group that what it was attempting to achieve was not legal

    1. I believe their organization is officially called “The Civic Association at the Roslyn Country Club, Inc.” and to my understanding, it has been around since the 1950s.

  2. Ben is absolutely right. The Civic Association at Roslyn Counttry Club, Inc. was founded in the Spring of 1950. (I was a founding member and helped write the bylaws. AS to an organization called Roslyn Country Club Civic Association, Inc., it never existed and the use of such name is unlawful. Also there is an email address of rccca@optonline.net which is not affiliated with either the real or the imaginary civic association. Confused??

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