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S-Section’s Dobermans in the 50s

By Diana Noble Rubinger from The Wheatley School Alumni Association Newsletter # 89

I grew up on Shepherd Lane, along with my sister, Barbara (1968), and brother, Henry (1972). Our little area of the S Section was very close knit, as most of our families moved in at the same time, in 1950. I remember Mr. Levitt directing a crew to shore up the large pine tree in front of our house, the rather awful green and red vinyl floors; and the swinging bookcase. 

One of the most terrifying parts of the S Section was the James house. Mrs. James had about five Dobermans who would like nothing better than to jump the fence that surrounded the front and back of their home. We were all instructed that if the dogs jumped the fence we were to go to the nearest neighbor. Once Stephen Bernstein (1967) and I were walking home from the bus stop and followed a trail of blood down the snow covered street. We both were very anxious because we thought that the doberman’s got loose. As it turned out, one of Mrs. James’ dogs attacked another dog, which unfortunately got bitten and ran down the street with blood dripping from its neck. Needless to say, we were happy to get home in one piece. 

S Section neighbors included the following families: Jerome, Weinstein, Jacoby, Kritzler, Greenapple, Stevens, Diamond, Bernstein, Goldberg, Jarret, Stone, Robbins, Forman, Goldstein, Bond, Kay, Ardell, Fox, Malsky, Glasser, Wattel, Walsh, Rignel, Winters,….just to name a few.

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