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Early Memories from the S-Section

By Rick Lowenthal (1970),  from the Wheatley Alumni Newsletter

Art: If not now, when?  Jeffrey Orling’s (1965) recent letter jolted my memories of the Roslyn Country Club S-Section. We recently and reluctantly sold our Strawberry Lane house of 71 years, after Mom (Marion) passed away.  Our house backed up to the 12-acre Clark Botanical Garden. Mom told stories of old man William Levitt walking the property with her and talking about the landscaping. The house has already been torn down and the replacement will certainly be a large one, only the height and number of columns have yet to be determined. Certainly, the most popular guy in the neighborhood was the Good Humor Man. I remember getting milk delivered to the house in bottles along with other items. We played our own version of ringolevio under the shadow of the Albertson water tower. Assuming the statute of limitations has expired…..yes, I climbed it, along with others, but I did not “tag” the tower with graffiti. No, I will not name names.  Unfortunately, I also remember riding my bicycle along with others behind the ‘fog truck,’ probably spraying DDT(?) just a few years before Rachel Carson’s book, “Silent Spring,” was published.  How hard was it to stay awake thru Clifton Fadiman’s so-called Educational TV shows at school?

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