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May 2004: Agreement to Improve Country Club Facilities

Published in The Roslyn News, Mat 21, 2004. Written by By Joe Scotchie.

The Civic Association at the Roslyn Country Club and the Corona Realty Holdings, proprietors of the club, have entered into a four-year out of court agreement, one which will result in among other things, the withdrawal of pending litigation between the two parties.

According to Jim Brandt, an attorney for the civic association, the settlement will also fix the level of insider dues charged to homeowners in the county club neighborhood through the summer of 2007.

In addition, Corona Holdings, which is headquartered in Mineola, has agreed to make “substantial repairs and improvements” to the club. Finally, the agreement, Brandt said, allows for “four years of peace” between the two parties, giving the country club a chance to “get back on its feet.”

Brandt also hopes the four-year agreement will lead, in time, to a longer term deal between the country club and Corona, as does Caryn Fink, co-president of the civic association, who said that there is now an opportunity for the two parties to come together and come up with a long term pact that will be beneficial to both sides.

Under the agreement, dues charged to homeowners for membership in the country club will be $595 for this summer. For 2005, 2006, and 2007, the “insider” dues will be $750, at least 20 percent less than what non-homeowners will have to pay. For 2004, homeowners can become members of the club, subject to availability, up until July 15. Those who have paid the proprietor $750 for the summer, will either receive a refund for the difference or have some credit for the next year’s fees.

Improvements to the club will take place on the tennis courts, basketball courts, the pool area, the playground, locker rooms, snack bar area, and handicapped access areas. They include such jobs as replacing rotted wood, removing tree stumps, placing fences and increasing lighting around the pool area, hiring a full-time cleaning staff, re-lining the basketball court, and re-taping the clay tennis courts.

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