“On this Tuesday, September 10…”

Is that a light at the end of this tunnel?

After more than a decade of activity, including lawsuits and counter-lawsuits, a resolution concerning the Roslyn Country Club continues to make progress. On this Tuesday, Sept. 10, the Town of North Hempstead board hopes to vote on several resolutions establishing Levitt Park in the Roslyn Heights Park District.

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One thought on ““On this Tuesday, September 10…””

  1. Growing up in the Country Club, meant, summers spent at the pool, when, of course, you weren’t at sleep away camp. I can actually smell the chlorine as you walked from the tennis courts to the pool, crawl up your nostrils, and remind you what was waiting at the bottom of the ramp. Naturally, if you had a really good sense of smell, you could catch a whiff of the hot dogs or the french fries at the snack bar, or the refined smell of suntan lotion, that as we aged, proved worthless against the onslaught of skin cancer sixty years later. And, the life guards, were cute too. The Country Club was a given, and made the character of the landscape special. Let’s jump on our bikes, throw the towel in the basket and go for a swim!

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