Town of North Hempstead close to signing deal to purchase Roslyn Country Club facilities

Town of North Hempstead politicians announced they are within weeks of buying the majority of the Roslyn Country Club property for $2 million – leaving the catering hall in the hands of the current owner – with the expectation of having the new town park open by the summer 2013. Country Club residents will have their easements condemned by the town.

Councilman Tom Dwyer and Supervision Jon Kaiman – speaking for over an hour – addressed an audience at The Wheatley School of about 100 Country Club residents to share the details of their plan and status of negotiations. Though the plan has not been signed and specifics details were left undefined, the two elected officials are confident that this deal will be signed in the immediate future – “literally one week to two weeks away” said Councilman Dwyer .

Building a new heated pool, refurbishing the tennis courts, upgrading the facilities, along with a first-class food service area will be forthcoming in the first draft of plans. They expect to eventually put the tennis courts in a dome, having a year round facility.

The expected cost to the town will be $10 million, which includes buying the property and the expected renovations. The use of the facility will be open to families residing in the Town of North Hempstead for around $1000 a season. Parking was left ambiguous. Street parking is permitted in Roslyn Country Club.

Expect details forthcoming about a Town Hall meeting where the final agreement will be discussed and voted on.

Update: Newsday’s article on the meeting

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