The Pebble Lane Block Party (In the Roslyn Country Club Community) by Judy Orshan

The Block Party was a big success,
And as each one gave his home address,
Each neighbor placed a name tag on,
And was quickly greeted – shyness gone.

Out from houses came young and younger,
Mothers, fathers, sisters, brother,
And Grandpartens residing here 60 years,
When all were friendly and knew their peers.

The food came forth and drinks and such
But the conversations meant so much,
About Roslyn Country Club – Could it be saved?
Could it be reopened? That is what all craved.

Talk of the pool in its former glory,
Old-timers supplying much of the story,
We felt the party had met a need,
Common interests were strong indeed.

Can it be done? Can we resume the fun?
Of a day on the courts or a swim in the pool?
And the law courts have favored us in their rule,

And bring back the day where each kid could play
With racket in hand on the RCC land.

The courts have ruled we should get the club back,
But somehow or other – we don’t have the knack.
Levitt had a purpose – a thorough plan,
Let’s unite the community – Yes! We Can!

Written and read by Judy Orshan

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