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Growing up with a Sweet 16 at The Club

By Amy Gruskin Gerstein (1966),  from the Wheatley Alumni Newsletter

I enjoyed reading the shared memories of the Roslyn Country Club. I lived right across the street on Locust Lane, and I enjoyed the woods as a place to explore and have assorted adventures. I also spent endless hours on the squash and tennis courts (I am still playing today)! The Saddle Lane hill was a source of much enjoyment on snow days..…it seemed so steep at the time! The photograph is from my sweet sixteen party, held at the RCC clubhouse. Those were definitely ‘the good old days.’

Standing, L-R – Denise Frank, Debbie Bond, Amy Gruskin Gerstein, Suzanne Stone, Charlene Krakauer.
Seated L-R – Joyce Miceli, Beverly Berman Hornick

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